The Importance of Coding


As most of you guys probably already know, I’m currently a business student at Temple University majoring in Management Information Systems. However, I wasn’t always an MIS major. I came in as a freshmen pursuing a profession in Accounting. I took two classes in high school and as much as I hated it, I knew the salary would be nice and the job would be secure so I decided to stick with it. After taking two mandatory accounting classes and the intro class for my major, I eventually switched because of how poorly I was performing. Following that, I switched to International Business for my spring semester sophomore year and after taking the intro class for that, I realized that it was too broad of a major and I would need to double up. I decided to drop that and spend the rest of the summer asking upperclassmen and researching what I should do with my life. As a prospective junior, I needed to make my decision quick so I don’t waste any more time and money. Luckily, by the start of my junior year I made the switch to MIS and it has been the greatest decision of my college career.

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iPhone Price Hype!


There has been recent hype about the iPhone 8 and in particular, word that the starting price of the latest device would increase to about $1,000. In my opinion, I doubt this will happen and even if it does, I can explain why what most consumers are paying now, isn’t really that different from the “alleged” price hike. Continue reading “iPhone Price Hype!”

I Actually Got The Apple Watch


A few months ago I discussed my interest in the Apple Watch and the many unique features the Series 1 and 2 contained. That being said, the price was still a little too hight, and I decided that I would only consider buying one should the price go down. Fortunately, this past Christmas I was gifted the Apple Watch Series 1 Sport Edition. Over the course of the past two weeks, I have garnered a decent amount of comments regarding the wearable that I thought it would be fitting to share it with you guys.  Continue reading “I Actually Got The Apple Watch”

iOS 10 Review (Nov 2016)!


Roughly two months ago I posted by initial reactions to iOS 10. I gave it relatively good remarks and ended by writing that I would make a follow-up post by the end of the following month. To my dismay, I was hit with numerous projects and school related assignments that I was unable to post my thoughts. However, I do have my thoughts on it now and I think waiting longer turned out to be for the better. I now really know the good and the bad about iOS 10 and what must be done to make it better. Continue reading “iOS 10 Review (Nov 2016)!”

Will 2016 Be The End of Cable TV?


With streaming services like Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime, it’s easy to see why cable companies like Verizon and Comcast are struggling to find a way to keep it’s customer base. The aforementioned services are all contract-free, much cheaper and far more convenient. They have also been around for at least five years and have continuously been growing in terms of the number of customers and in profit. Meanwhile Verizon and Comcast are adding new features to it’s lineup of options, but it’s still not enough to bring in more customers. That being said, below are four reasons why streaming services are killing the entertainment market. Continue reading “Will 2016 Be The End of Cable TV?”

New 2016 Macbook Thoughts!


About 4 days ago, Apple unveiled the anticipated Macbook. Not to my surprise it came packed with faster processors, memory and a sharper display, but it also left out a lot more than what I expected. What I first thought could be my next mobile computing device is now making me reconsider and possibly shoot for the iMac instead. Continue reading “New 2016 Macbook Thoughts!”