Desktops for the Win


I’m a sucker for desktop computers. Even as a Windows user if I had to pick between a Macbook Pro and an iMac I would still pick the iMac for a variety of reasons. And even as the industry moves towards faster and leaner laptops I would still prefer desktops any day of the week. Continue reading “Desktops for the Win”


Why I Hold Off On New iPhones


Every year Apple releases a new iPhone and every few years Apple will completely change the design. This happened with a jump in screen size from the 3.5 inch iPhone 4S to the 4 inch iPhone 5s to the 4.7 inch iPhone 6 to the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 Plus and finally to the 5.8 inch iPhone X. Never mind the differences in design, but the increase in screen size means that app developers will have to optimize their apps to take full advantage of the new screen size and if they don’t…well consumers are stuck with a brand new device that acts like the previous iteration. Continue reading “Why I Hold Off On New iPhones”

Android Distribution


As someone who uses Google products on a daily basis I would switch to Android in a heartbeat if it weren’t for it’s lack of distribution. Although having an open source OS allows Android to reach a larger consumer base, it ends up hurting them when OEM’s are slow at or refuse to update their phones which leaves consumers angry and confused as to why they bought the phone in the first place. Continue reading “Android Distribution”

The Need for Quality Control


Over the past year I noticed a common trend between the latest devices hitting shelves and it’s ability to work well. It’s something that’s been plaguing industry-leading companies for a while and has been a continuous problem that has yet to be fully addressed. What is it? Quality control. It’s something we customers don’t really think about because we assume that companies have this under “control” and that the devices we purchase will work as advertised. As of late though, this is clearly not the case and this is where I come in to point out a number of devices that are suffering.  Continue reading “The Need for Quality Control”

The Importance of Security


One of the most pressing issues today is the concern over security. We use our smartphones and tablets so often that we sometimes forget how much information we are putting into our devices. We forget how much of this information is being used and sold by companies and how less private our lives are getting. Say what you will about it, but security will always be an important issue in this world and there are a number of reasons why I think Apple is the best at maintaining privacy.  Continue reading “The Importance of Security”

I Still Use Physical Cameras


Call me weird, but even in this day and age as smartphone cameras get better and better with every generation, I still prefer to use my handy dandy point and shoot camera. I know it’s not common considering most smartphones are arguably better than point and shoots, but I personally enjoy having a dedicated device.  Continue reading “I Still Use Physical Cameras”