Why I Hate Software Upgrades


Every year as companies announce new devices, they also announce new software upgrades with all the cool new features that will be available. However while it may seem exciting that devices two or three years old will still receive the upgrade, what’s not exciting is the decrease in performance after you upgrade depending on how old your device is. For the sake of this argument I’ll talk about how upgrading to the latest iOS version affects iPhones, but the same argument can pretty much be made on Android as well. Continue reading “Why I Hate Software Upgrades”


The Importance of Coding


As most of you guys probably already know, I’m currently a business student at Temple University majoring in Management Information Systems. However, I wasn’t always an MIS major. I came in as a freshmen pursuing a profession in Accounting. I took two classes in high school and as much as I hated it, I knew the salary would be nice and the job would be secure so I decided to stick with it. After taking two mandatory accounting classes and the intro class for my major, I eventually switched¬†because¬†of how poorly I was performing. Following that, I switched to International Business for my spring semester sophomore year and after taking the intro class for that, I realized that it was too broad of a major and I would need to double up. I decided to drop that and spend the rest of the summer asking upperclassmen and researching what I should do with my life. As a prospective junior, I needed to make my decision quick so I don’t waste any more time and money. Luckily, by the start of my junior year I made the switch to MIS and it has been the greatest decision of my college career.

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iOS 10 Reaction! 2 Days Later!


Just two days ago, Apple officially rolled out iOS 10 to a slew of the company’s devices. However, the release didn’t go as smoothly as planned as some devices were buggy and others were bricked. Luckily, Apple quickly resolved the issue by releasing a patch and it is now no longer a problem for us to consider. Since then, my phone has been running smoothly so here is my initial reaction , 2 days later! Continue reading “iOS 10 Reaction! 2 Days Later!”

New iPhones Already in High Demand


With Apple’s announcement of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, demand has already been high and the company has noted that the Plus models will start shipping in 2-3 weeks. However, the regular model is still set to ship by September 16th, the day the devices officially launch. Apple will be sure to set record sales numbers again as popularity increases and more people are relying on the Cupertino company’s devices for their everyday needs.

Source: TechnoBuffalo

Apple Watch Series 2! Pre-order now!


In yesterday’s announcement, the Cupertino based company talked about it’s latest update to it’s wearables line-up. They talked about the company’s special partnership with Nike and the re branding of the name. Information regarding all the features, prices and when you can purchase it will be found below! Continue reading “Apple Watch Series 2! Pre-order now!”

Apple Forced to Pay $14.6B to EU


With business comes ethical issues and behind-the-scenes transactions, in this case the Cupertino company has been doing business with Ireland for more than 10 years due to the low tax rate compared to other countries. That being said, the European Union has requested Apple to pay them in $14.6B in taxes that were not paid. Continue reading “Apple Forced to Pay $14.6B to EU”