Favorite Tech Feature


With so many smartphones being announced left and right, I thought I would take a moment to see how they have evolved over the past couples years and highlight one key feature that I absolutely love. In fact I might even make this a yearly tradition and go more in depth as to why I like a certain feature. Having said that, for the year of 2017 my favorite feature by a huge margin are bezel-less displays. Continue reading “Favorite Tech Feature”


I miss Android


Late last year I received an Apple Watch as a Christmas gift from my father. At the time I was planning on switching back to Android, but having received the Apple Watch I was pretty much stuck with the iPhone. I couldn’t simply sell the watch even if I sold it at retail price because it has sentimental value. Regardless of the fact that I never wanted or needed an Apple Watch, selling it would make me feel bad because my father had bought it for me. And for that reason, when my contract ended I decided to upgrade to the iPhone SE (all of the reasons are explained in my review) in order to continue using the Apple Watch. All that being said, I still find myself using countless Google apps and envying Android users who have better Google apps in addition to the customization options. Continue reading “I miss Android”

Top 3 Smartphone Picks (June 2016)


It’s finally that time of year…summer! It’s the perfect time to get rid of all your old junk and liven up your life with new products. One of the best things you can do is buy yourself a brand new smartphone to kick off the summer and be ready before the school year starts. So with that, I’ve decided to round up three of my favorite phones that will fit various types of people. From the hardcore, “I  want the latest and greatest” to the “I just want a phone that works”, there’s bound to be a phone on this list that will fit your needs and desires! Continue reading “Top 3 Smartphone Picks (June 2016)”

Why I’m Going Back To Android!


I got my first smartphone in 2013. It was a Samsung Galaxy S4. It seems ancient now, but back then it was one of the top flagship smartphones to own. It had a Snapdragon 600 processor, 1080p Full HD display and a 13MP camera all while running Android Jellybean and then eventually KitKat. It was fast and everything worked well. Then a year later it became problematic. My phone turned off by itself, the screen would freeze and it lagged like crazy. The phone was almost unusable. A year later, Sprint was offering to pay for early termination fees and so it was the perfect opportunity for me to switch over from Verizon and buy an iPhone 5s. To this day I still own one and it works well, but I’m tempted to go back to Android. Here, I’ll explain my top three reasons why! Continue reading “Why I’m Going Back To Android!”

iPhone SE? My Thoughts, 3 Months Later


Roughly 3 months ago, Apple released the iPhone SE for everyone to buy. For tech enthusiasts like myself, it was pretty much forgettable. There wasn’t really anything new about it. It had the body of a 2-3 year old iPhone 5/5S and the internal specs of an iPhone 6, minus a downgrade in the front facing camera and improved Touch ID sensor. It was certainly a good, usable phone, but it wasn’t necessarily groundbreaking. Continue reading “iPhone SE? My Thoughts, 3 Months Later”