Favorite Tech Feature


With so many smartphones being announced left and right, I thought I would take a moment to see how they have evolved over the past couples years and highlight one key feature that I absolutely love. In fact I might even make this a yearly tradition and go more in depth as to why I like a certain feature. Having said that, for the year of 2017 my favorite feature by a huge margin are bezel-less displays. Continue reading “Favorite Tech Feature”


My Galaxy S4 Died…


The phone that started it all. That’s really the best way I could put it. This phone was the one that not only got me into the Android market, but further sparked my interest in smartphones and tablets. And as crazy as it may sound, this was also my first smartphone which I also continuously used from 2013 until now. Here I’ll go over a few reasons why I still used it. Continue reading “My Galaxy S4 Died…”

Galaxy S8 Impressions

22d01a0f2af1f903The long anticipated Samsung Galaxy S8 is finally here! After last summer’s Note 7 disaster due to battery issues that caused the phone to overheat and burst into flames, the South Korean company has since learned it’s lesson and has come back stronger than ever to kick off 2017. The Galaxy S8 is the latest iteration of the Galaxy lineup and packs a whole lot of juice for the money you pay. This may very well be the phone that will convince iPhone users to give Android a shot and give Android users another reason to stick with the company. In this post, I’ll go in detail of some of the key features that will be bound to catch your eye! Continue reading “Galaxy S8 Impressions”

More Trouble For Samsung


After the dreadful crisis concerning Samsung’s most beloved device, the Galaxy Note 7 that ended up causing more harm than good, this time around the South Korean company is under more scrutiny for bad business practices. The now former President, Lee Jae-Yong who graduated from the Harvard Business School in 2002 is now facing criminal charges related to bribery and embezzlement.  Continue reading “More Trouble For Samsung”

Can Samsung Recover After Note 7?


By now, most of you guys probably know the whole deal with Samsung and why the company has been under scrutiny for the past couple weeks. If you don’t know, here’s the gist, Samsung’s latest flagship phone the Note 7 was reported to have batteries that overheated and caused the phone to melt, burn and even explode. This in turn  caused pubic outrage to which Samsung issued a temporary recall to mend the issue. Unfortunately, the second batch of Samsung’s newest phone also had the same problem, one of which exploded on a Southwest airplane where passengers were forced to evacuate prior to takeoff. From there, Samsung officially stopped all production on the Note 7 to begin a thorough investigation regarding the crisis. My issue is can I still trust Samsung? Continue reading “Can Samsung Recover After Note 7?”

Galaxy Note 7 Recalled!


After a few weeks in the market, Samsung has recalled and stopped the sale of its latest generation phone, the Galaxy Note 7. Due to numerous reports all around the globe claiming the batteries would explode and/or catch on fire, the South Korean company has decided to temporarily stop sales and undergo a thorough investigation. Continue reading “Galaxy Note 7 Recalled!”