Why I still use my FitBit


As you all know by now, I’ve had my Apple Watch for about 7 months now. It still serves me well by consistently providing me with the latest notifications at little to no delay and I rarely run into any hiccups or slowdowns. However, I also still have a FitBit HR. Not the second generation, but the first. Why do I still have it when the Apple Watch can do everything my Fibit can do and then some?  Continue reading “Why I still use my FitBit”

I miss Android


Late last year I received an Apple Watch as a Christmas gift from my father. At the time I was planning on switching back to Android, but having received the Apple Watch I was pretty much stuck with the iPhone. I couldn’t simply sell the watch even if I sold it at retail price because it has sentimental value. Regardless of the fact that I never wanted or needed an Apple Watch, selling it would make me feel bad because my father had bought it for me. And for that reason, when my contract ended I decided to upgrade to the iPhone SE (all of the reasons are explained in my review) in order to continue using the Apple Watch. All that being said, I still find myself using countless Google apps and envying Android users who have better Google apps in addition to the customization options. Continue reading “I miss Android”

More Trouble For Samsung


After the dreadful crisis concerning Samsung’s most beloved device, the Galaxy Note 7 that ended up causing more harm than good, this time around the South Korean company is under more scrutiny for bad business practices. The now former President, Lee Jae-Yong who graduated from the Harvard Business School in 2002 is now facing criminal charges related to bribery and embezzlement.  Continue reading “More Trouble For Samsung”

My Gripe With Batteries


Amidst all the latest technology in our smartphones and tablets, one of the key areas that have not changed much is in regards to battery technology. The thing that keeps our devices up and running is the very thing that hasn’t improved much. The only reason our phones last as long as they do is because they either have battery efficient software or our devices have a bigger battery installed. However, my gripe with this is that the battery itself is still for the most part unchanged.

Continue reading “My Gripe With Batteries”

Will 2016 Be The End of Cable TV?


With streaming services like Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime, it’s easy to see why cable companies like Verizon and Comcast are struggling to find a way to keep it’s customer base. The aforementioned services are all contract-free, much cheaper and far more convenient. They have also been around for at least five years and have continuously been growing in terms of the number of customers and in profit. Meanwhile Verizon and Comcast are adding new features to it’s lineup of options, but it’s still not enough to bring in more customers. That being said, below are four reasons why streaming services are killing the entertainment market. Continue reading “Will 2016 Be The End of Cable TV?”

New 2016 Macbook Thoughts!


About 4 days ago, Apple unveiled the anticipated Macbook. Not to my surprise it came packed with faster processors, memory and a sharper display, but it also left out a lot more than what I expected. What I first thought could be my next mobile computing device is now making me reconsider and possibly shoot for the iMac instead. Continue reading “New 2016 Macbook Thoughts!”