Google Is Becoming More Like Apple


After Google’s announcement yesterday, everything about it instantly reminded me of Apple. Why? Well because Google is no longer just an open-source software company. With the recent acquisition of HTC and devices such as the Pixel 2 and XL 2, Google is sending a clear message to the world. It wants to join in on what works best in the tech world; making your own software and hardware and combining them to create an incredibly smooth user experience hence Apple. Continue reading “Google Is Becoming More Like Apple”


Amazon’s New Echo Products & How I Feel About Voice Assistants


On Thursday Amazon announced 6 new products, 5 of them being Echo-related and one being the updated Fire TV! I’ll discuss more in-depth about the Fire TV in a separate blog post, but for now I wanna focus on how I feel about all this voice assistance craze. Continue reading “Amazon’s New Echo Products & How I Feel About Voice Assistants”

How I Feel About Apple’s Latest Announcements


When Apple announced the new iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X and the Watch Series 3 early last week I was not impressed in the least. Still I wanted to wait a few days and let the information soak in before I made my final conclusion. Now that it has been over a week, I feel comfortable enough to share my thoughts. Continue reading “How I Feel About Apple’s Latest Announcements”

YouTube Officially Announces TV Streaming Service


Yesterday YouTube officially announced its long anticipated TV streaming service. This comes at a interesting time when the Google-owned company launched YouTube Red last summer. This was a new paid service to get exclusive content from some of the site’s biggest YouTubers that normal users would not be able to watch. However, with the launch of a new TV streaming service, the company is certainly bound to attract a host of new customers who may have not been interested in YouTube Red and gain other cord cutters may be in search of a replacement.

Continue reading “YouTube Officially Announces TV Streaming Service”