Peace Out Kinect


Yesterday was particularly big news regarding the Kinect. The cool camera/sensor will be officially discontinued and once all the products on the shelves are sold out, that’ll be the end. After 7 years of trying to convince hardcore gamers to buy the Kinect it was never able to gather a strong base of fans to keep the product going. Microsoft saw the success of the Nintendo Wii and wanted to make their version of it. Unfortunately that didn’t bode too well as Microsoft learned that Nintendo products are aimed more towards families while the Xbox One and PS4 are geared towards hardcore gamers. That’s not to say Nintendo doesn’t attract hardcore gamers, rather the Xbox and PlayStation customers are more similar than Nintendo customers and their motives for buying their respective consoles. Continue reading “Peace Out Kinect”


Google Is Becoming More Like Apple


After Google’s announcement yesterday, everything about it instantly reminded me of Apple. Why? Well because Google is no longer just an open-source software company. With the recent acquisition of HTC and devices such as the Pixel 2 and XL 2, Google is sending a clear message to the world. It wants to join in on what works best in the tech world; making your own software and hardware and combining them to create an incredibly smooth user experience hence Apple. Continue reading “Google Is Becoming More Like Apple”

Amazon’s New Echo Products & How I Feel About Voice Assistants


On Thursday Amazon announced 6 new products, 5 of them being Echo-related and one being the updated Fire TV! I’ll discuss more in-depth about the Fire TV in a separate blog post, but for now I wanna focus on how I feel about all this voice assistance craze. Continue reading “Amazon’s New Echo Products & How I Feel About Voice Assistants”

How I Feel About Apple’s Latest Announcements


When Apple announced the new iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X and the Watch Series 3 early last week I was not impressed in the least. Still I wanted to wait a few days and let the information soak in before I made my final conclusion. Now that it has been over a week, I feel comfortable enough to share my thoughts. Continue reading “How I Feel About Apple’s Latest Announcements”

YouTube Officially Announces TV Streaming Service


Yesterday YouTube officially announced its long anticipated TV streaming service. This comes at a interesting time when the Google-owned company launched YouTube Red last summer. This was a new paid service to get exclusive content from some of the site’s biggest YouTubers that normal users would not be able to watch. However, with the launch of a new TV streaming service, the company is certainly bound to attract a host of new customers who may have not been interested in YouTube Red and gain other cord cutters may be in search of a replacement.

Continue reading “YouTube Officially Announces TV Streaming Service”