My Galaxy S4 Died…


The phone that started it all. That’s really the best way I could put it. This phone was the one that not only got me into the Android market, but further sparked my interest in smartphones and tablets. And as crazy as it may sound, this was also my first smartphone which I also continuously used from 2013 until now. Here I’ll go over a few reasons why I still used it. Continue reading “My Galaxy S4 Died…”


Android Distribution


As someone who uses Google products on a daily basis I would switch to Android in a heartbeat if it weren’t for it’s lack of distribution. Although having an open source OS allows Android to reach a larger consumer base, it ends up hurting them when OEM’s are slow at or refuse to update their phones which leaves consumers angry and confused as to why they bought the phone in the first place. Continue reading “Android Distribution”

Google Is Becoming More Like Apple


After Google’s announcement yesterday, everything about it instantly reminded me of Apple. Why? Well because Google is no longer just an open-source software company. With the recent acquisition of HTC and devices such as the Pixel 2 and XL 2, Google is sending a clear message to the world. It wants to join in on what works best in the tech world; making your own software and hardware and combining them to create an incredibly smooth user experience hence Apple. Continue reading “Google Is Becoming More Like Apple”

I miss Android


Late last year I received an Apple Watch as a Christmas gift from my father. At the time I was planning on switching back to Android, but having received the Apple Watch I was pretty much stuck with the iPhone. I couldn’t simply sell the watch even if I sold it at retail price because it has sentimental value. Regardless of the fact that I never wanted or needed an Apple Watch, selling it would make me feel bad because my father had bought it for me. And for that reason, when my contract ended I decided to upgrade to the iPhone SE (all of the reasons are explained in my review) in order to continue using the Apple Watch. All that being said, I still find myself using countless Google apps and envying Android users who have better Google apps in addition to the customization options. Continue reading “I miss Android”

Galaxy S8 Impressions

22d01a0f2af1f903The long anticipated Samsung Galaxy S8 is finally here! After last summer’s Note 7 disaster due to battery issues that caused the phone to overheat and burst into flames, the South Korean company has since learned it’s lesson and has come back stronger than ever to kick off 2017. The Galaxy S8 is the latest iteration of the Galaxy lineup and packs a whole lot of juice for the money you pay. This may very well be the phone that will convince iPhone users to give Android a shot and give Android users another reason to stick with the company. In this post, I’ll go in detail of some of the key features that will be bound to catch your eye! Continue reading “Galaxy S8 Impressions”

The Future of Payments!


Since the first credit card was invented in 1950, people all over the world have grown accustomed to using it as their primary form of payment. Especially after the Internet became more advanced and online shopping became the norm, credit cards certainly  played a bigger role. Fast forward to 2016 and believe it not, credit cards and debit cards are slowly becoming obsolete. It’s crazy how something that has lasted for so many decades would soon become old fashioned, but as the industry progresses the new way to pay is coming from the likes of Apple, Android and Samsung, each delivering a similar approach of paying for things online and in-store. Continue reading “The Future of Payments!”