The Importance of Focus


Yesterday Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg told the world of his plans to “refocus the system”. That caught my eye because as a Facebook user since 2012, I’ve definitely noticed a lot change in the past 6 years. Whether it be too many ads or videos and not enough content from my friends, it’s certainly not the same as it was before and what it was intended for. But with Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement, it’s starting to make me feel a little better about the future of the service.
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Mpow Jaws 4.1 Bluetooth Headphone Review

61Y-V9+G0sL._SL1000_So for Christmas my father got me a pair of Mpow Jaws Bluetooth headphones. If you’ve read my post before, I am not a fan of bluetooth headphones or earphones because you have to charge them and the sound quality isn’t as good as direct connection. That being said, these pair are $20 on Amazon right now and I got it as a gift so I thought I’d try them out. Here’s my review: Continue reading “Mpow Jaws 4.1 Bluetooth Headphone Review”

Apple Watch Series 1 (1 yr later)


I’ve now owned my Apple Watch Series 1 for about a year since receiving it as a Christmas gift last holiday season. Since then, my experience has transitioned from ok to decent to great and now it’s become a major part of my daily life. I credit my excellent experience to Apple’s ability to couple amazing hardware with a top-notch OS that actually works well. I can’t deny that since using my watch over and over again it’s only been getting better and that’s a big testament for the incredible things the company does. It’s also why I believe the Cupertino company has a bright future with wearable technology. Continue reading “Apple Watch Series 1 (1 yr later)”

Facebook Messenger for Kids


As Facebook continues to expand into different markets and groups one area they have not focused much on is kids and understandably so. Why would kids need to be on Facebook? However that all changed when Facebook launched a new version of Messenger specifically tailored for kids. Continue reading “Facebook Messenger for Kids”

My All-time Favorite Smartphones


With the end of the year fast approaching I thought I should go over two of my favorite phones ever. The first one is the Moto X (1st Gen) and the second is the iPhone SE. I already know people are gonna say I’m crazy for naming those two, but I have some compelling reasons as to why they’re up there. Continue reading “My All-time Favorite Smartphones”

My Galaxy S4 Died…


The phone that started it all. That’s really the best way I could put it. This phone was the one that not only got me into the Android market, but further sparked my interest in smartphones and tablets. And as crazy as it may sound, this was also my first smartphone which I also continuously used from 2013 until now. Here I’ll go over a few reasons why I still used it. Continue reading “My Galaxy S4 Died…”

I Want Tesla to be the Future


With most industries moving towards a “greener” world, they are starting to prove how important it is to save our planet while we still can. Tesla in particular has made giant strides that no other car company had done before. The company under the control of Elon Musk was able to prove to it’s investors and consumers that an all-electric vehicle would not only look luxurious, but also sell extremely well. With the launch of the Model 3 and the announcement of the Roadster and semi-trucks, the future looks even brighter. Continue reading “I Want Tesla to be the Future”