Galaxy S8 Impressions

22d01a0f2af1f903The long anticipated Samsung Galaxy S8 is finally here! After last summer’s Note 7 disaster due to battery issues that caused the phone to overheat and burst into flames, the South Korean company has since learned it’s lesson and has come back stronger than ever to kick off 2017. The Galaxy S8 is the latest iteration of the Galaxy lineup and packs a whole lot of juice for the money you pay. This may very well be the phone that will convince iPhone users to give Android a shot and give Android users another reason to stick with the company. In this post, I’ll go in detail of some of the key features that will be bound to catch your eye! Continue reading “Galaxy S8 Impressions”

YouTube Officially Announces TV Streaming Service


Yesterday YouTube officially announced its long anticipated TV streaming service. This comes at a interesting time when the Google-owned company launched YouTube Red last summer. This was a new paid service to get exclusive content from some of the site’s biggest YouTubers that normal users would not be able to watch. However, with the launch of a new TV streaming service, the company is certainly bound to attract a host of new customers who may have not been interested in YouTube Red and gain other cord cutters may be in search of a replacement.

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More Trouble For Samsung


After the dreadful crisis concerning Samsung’s most beloved device, the Galaxy Note 7 that ended up causing more harm than good, this time around the South Korean company is under more scrutiny for bad business practices. The now former President, Lee Jae-Yong who graduated from the Harvard Business School in 2002 is now facing criminal charges related to bribery and embezzlement.  Continue reading “More Trouble For Samsung”

My Gripe With Batteries


Amidst all the latest technology in our smartphones and tablets, one of the key areas that have not changed much is in regards to battery technology. The thing that keeps our devices up and running is the very thing that hasn’t improved much. The only reason our phones last as long as they do is because they either have battery efficient software or our devices have a bigger battery installed. However, my gripe with this is that the battery itself is still for the most part unchanged.

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The Importance of Coding


As most of you guys probably already know, I’m currently a business student at Temple University majoring in Management Information Systems. However, I wasn’t always an MIS major. I came in as a freshmen pursuing a profession in Accounting. I took two classes in high school and as much as I hated it, I knew the salary would be nice and the job would be secure so I decided to stick with it. After taking two mandatory accounting classes and the intro class for my major, I eventually switched because of how poorly I was performing. Following that, I switched to International Business for my spring semester sophomore year and after taking the intro class for that, I realized that it was too broad of a major and I would need to double up. I decided to drop that and spend the rest of the summer asking upperclassmen and researching what I should do with my life. As a prospective junior, I needed to make my decision quick so I don’t waste any more time and money. Luckily, by the start of my junior year I made the switch to MIS and it has been the greatest decision of my college career.

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