What Happened To Tablets?


After the initial launch of the first iPad back in 2010, it quickly garnered worldwide attention. Companies started creating their own versions and consumers started buying into the hype. Sure it was an expensive piece of tech, but it was one that would last for many years. Unlike smartphones which people typically replace every 2 years and sometimes every year, tablets are built to last longer. However in recent years it almost seems like tablets are starting to die out and more specifically Android tablets. Continue reading “What Happened To Tablets?”




When AOL announced that it would be shutting down AIM this December, a piece of my heart felt like it was lost and would never be returned. AIM was seriously the iMessage of the late 90s and early 00s. It meant so much more than just a way to instantly message each other. In a sense, it was like the first social media outlet. It was the Facebook before MySpace before anything else. AIM was a huge hit and no one would’ve expected it to fall the way it did until smartphones became the norm. Continue reading “RIP AIM”

Google Is Becoming More Like Apple


After Google’s announcement yesterday, everything about it instantly reminded me of Apple. Why? Well because Google is no longer just an open-source software company. With the recent acquisition of HTC and devices such as the Pixel 2 and XL 2, Google is sending a clear message to the world. It wants to join in on what works best in the tech world; making your own software and hardware and combining them to create an incredibly smooth user experience hence Apple. Continue reading “Google Is Becoming More Like Apple”

Why I Hate Software Upgrades


Every year as companies announce new devices, they also announce new software upgrades with all the cool new features that will be available. However while it may seem exciting that devices two or three years old will still receive the upgrade, what’s not exciting is the decrease in performance after you upgrade depending on how old your device is. For the sake of this argument I’ll talk about how upgrading to the latest iOS version affects iPhones, but the same argument can pretty much be made on Android as well. Continue reading “Why I Hate Software Upgrades”

Amazon’s New Echo Products & How I Feel About Voice Assistants


On Thursday Amazon announced 6 new products, 5 of them being Echo-related and one being the updated Fire TV! I’ll discuss more in-depth about the Fire TV in a separate blog post, but for now I wanna focus on how I feel about all this voice assistance craze. Continue reading “Amazon’s New Echo Products & How I Feel About Voice Assistants”