About the Site

How It Began

TE[CHARGED] began on May 3rd, 2016. That was the date of the first post at least, but for me, my interest in technology goes a long way back. Ever since I received my first laptop when I was 13, I increasingly became interested in all sorts of technology. I particularly became interested on phones and tablets. I quickly began reading the latest news from different tech sites and watched plenty of YouTube videos. This eventually led me to start my own blog where I could freely post about things that I felt passionate about and share it with the world.


My mission is to write quality articles that my readers can enjoy and learn something from.

Future Plans

As of right now this blog is a hobby. Writing and reading about technology is something that I absolutely love. It’s something that excites me every time and is what drives me to continue to do what I do and expand my knowledge.

So here’s to a great future and many more years as a tech blogger!