Why I still use my FitBit


As you all know by now, I’ve had my Apple Watch for about 7 months now. It still serves me well by consistently providing me with the latest notifications at little to no delay and I rarely run into any hiccups or slowdowns. However, I also still have a FitBit HR. Not the second generation, but the first. Why do I still have it when the Apple Watch can do everything my Fibit can do and then some? 

Sleep Tracker

The main reason I still use it is for it’s sleep tracking feature. Even before I got my Apple Watch, this feature was my favorite part of the wearable. It tracked exactly when I fell asleep, how many times I woke up and how many times I’ve been restless. After I wake up and sync my Fitbit, the app gives me all the information in an easy-to-see and understand dashboard. It also provides my sleeping habits since the first day I used it and allows me to see how I’ve been sleeping lately. Recently, the company added a new feature which detects things like on weekends I tend to sleep more than weekdays and gives useful tips to improve my sleep health. Before I had the Fitbit, I never saw the point in having one. Sure I wasn’t an active person to begin with, but I didn’t think such a device was capable of tracking my sleep as well. To this day I go to sleep with this baby every day and it has helped me change my sleeping habits.

Heart Rate Tracker

As someone who had has open heart surgery when I was born, my heart is unlike a typical human. Whereas most people can hear a soft beat when using a stethoscope, my heart beat tends to be a little louder which is called a “heart murmur”. This condition is more or less due to my surgery, but it luckily never prevented me from participating in intense activities. Case in point, I ran track for 5 years in middle school and high school and never once did I have a shortness of breath or anything severe happen. That being said, the heart tracking feature was one that immediately caught my eye. Back when I used the Fitbit as an every day device, not just for sleeping, I was able to see what parts of the day increased my heart rate and which parts decreased it. I was also able to see my heart rate before, during and after a run. I know people have said that Fitbit’s tracking sensor may not be the most accurate, but based on my experience over the past year, it tends to be a couple beats higher or lower and for me that’s fine. I consider that a marginal difference and considering my heart is healthy, I don’t have to have the exact heart rate to the dot. In addition, the device tracks my heart rate when I’m sleeping which is a nice touch because it’s cool to have that kind of information.

Important Info

Although the sleep and heart rate tracker are certainly amazing features, I find that it’s the loads of information and data that is compiled into the app that make it worth the investment. The fact that I can easily look back in time whenever and wherever and see how my health has been is an incredibly useful tool to have. God forbid I ever get diagnosed with something awful, having such information could help doctors see if there was any type of trend that led to a health condition. Whether it be a decrease in overall sleep quality or unusual heart rates, doctors may be able to form a better conclusion to create a solution for my problem. I know for one this can be beneficial to every person in the world and the more information you have, the more you are able to make better decisions.

Sentimental Value

I guess the last reason I still use my Fitbit is because this was also a gift from my father. While it was originally intended as a workout device which then turned into an everyday watch, I still use it today even though I have my Apple Watch. The Fitbit is not only a consistently great wearable, but it also means a lot to me because it was a gift and I need to make sure I’m making good use of it. I didn’t want it to start collecting dust and so I did what I could.


This post is in no way bashing the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch is another innovative product that I love and use just about everyday. Rather, this post is about why I still use my Fitbit and why it has helped me in my personal life. Not only does it have sentimental value, but it also has features that make sense and work well. Of course there are other competitors out there and Fitbit has even introduced newer iterations, but the point is that wearables are starting to make a lot more sense. They are more than just devices to give us notifications without checking our phones, instead they are beginning to play a bigger role, especially in the health side of things. In the future, I have no doubt seeing more and more people with wearables and using them for simple tasks, but also in hospitals and in research.

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2 thoughts on “Why I still use my FitBit

  1. I’m still on the fence regarding moving to an Apple. For now, I think that I’m sticking with my first generation Fibit surge. I do not like how you now need a smart phone to access the GPS features.

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  2. Sorry for the late reply! I totally didn’t even see your comment! The Fitbit surge is a great product and I would definitely say that if fitness is your primary use case scenario, I would definitely go with Fitbit. The company is more focused on exercise and activity than Apple is. That’s not to say the Apple Watch isn’t a good product, but it’s more geared towards an average consumer who may do some exercise or light activity. I personally own the Charge HR and the Apple Watch and can testify that the Fitbit is much better for those who have an active lifestyle.


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