I miss Android


Late last year I received an Apple Watch as a Christmas gift from my father. At the time I was planning on switching back to Android, but having received the Apple Watch I was pretty much stuck with the iPhone. I couldn’t simply sell the watch even if I sold it at retail price because it has sentimental value. Regardless of the fact that I never wanted or needed an Apple Watch, selling it would make me feel bad because my father had bought it for me. And for that reason, when my contract ended I decided to upgrade to the iPhone SE (all of the reasons are explained in my review) in order to continue using the Apple Watch. All that being said, I still find myself using countless Google apps and envying Android users who have better Google apps in addition to the customization options.

To recap a few of the Google apps I use that are significantly better on Android than iOS are Gmail, YouTube, Photos, Drive and Docs. Those five are the main Google apps I use and having been a previous Galaxy S4 user for the better part of 2 years, I know for a fact that even back then when it was running on Android Jellybean, Google apps worked much better on Android than iOS. Fast forward to 2017 and that gap has barely closed. I know all of you are thinking, “well no duh, Android is made by Google so of course Google apps would work better on Android”, but that’s the very reason why I want to go back to Android.

That isn’t to say that iOS is bad because it certainly is not. It works well and I rarely run into hiccups or slowdowns. In addition, almost all apps are made for iOS first and then Android and look and perform better than its Android counterparts. However, I’m a basic smartphone user. As much as a tech geek that I am I don’t use too many apps. To highlight a few frequently used non-Google apps are Venmo, Snapchat and Fox Sports. I have a few others in there like Yelp, Open Table and Regal Cinemas, but those are less frequently used. The point is that I spend the majority of my smartphone time with Google made apps and I find it frustrating every once in a while when Apple limits what Google is capable of doing which impacts my overall productivity.

I think if you were always an iOS user you probably may not know the difference, but having been a previous Android user I miss the Google apps, but also the customization and the Google experience as a whole. The Google Assistant app on iOS is heavily limited and although speech recognition is basically the same, the types of commands you can do are gone because Apple wants you to use Siri. In fact, I eventually removed the Google Assistant app because I wasn’t getting the Google experience that I wanted.


Many of you use most definitely use a Google product, but when you start using a lot more than just Gmail you start to crave an experience that is seamless and beautiful. That’s not to say that the Android versions are flawless, but rather that when all is said and done an Android device will give you the full Google experience and one that is not comparable to iOS and that is why I miss Android.

Image Source: Birch Tree


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