Galaxy S8 Impressions

22d01a0f2af1f903The long anticipated Samsung Galaxy S8 is finally here! After last summer’s Note 7 disaster due to battery issues that caused the phone to overheat and burst into flames, the South Korean company has since learned it’s lesson and has come back stronger than ever to kick off 2017. The Galaxy S8 is the latest iteration of the Galaxy lineup and packs a whole lot of juice for the money you pay. This may very well be the phone that will convince iPhone users to give Android a shot and give Android users another reason to stick with the company. In this post, I’ll go in detail of some of the key features that will be bound to catch your eye!

One of the first things you should know before considering the S8 is that it’s a big phone. And by big I mean, 5.8 inches instead 5.1. To put that into perspective the current iPhone 7 is 4.7 inches and the Plus is 5.5. So yeah the S8 is no joke, but of course having a big phone offers a better viewing experience, whether it be watching videos or reading content. Bigger screen means more real estate to work with. If you’re okay with that, then continue reading!



The design of the S8 from the back is virtually unchanged. Apart from the new fingerprint scanner next to the camera, the back looks really similar to the S7 and S6. On the front however, things look much different. The screen is not only bigger, but it’s also curved on all the corners, which gives the screen a round appearance instead of a traditional rectangle. The standard S8 features a 5.8 inch Quad HD 2960 by 1440p display at 568 ppi. That’s a killer display that alone should catch your eye. With more pixels being packed into as many inches as possible, it provides a clearer and more vibrant screen than ever before. In addition, Samsung has finally removed the classic oval home button. Instead, there are on screen software buttons, which also helps to minimize the width of the bezels. Speaking of bezels, the S8 is basically all screen and no bezel. The display nearly hugs the sides of the phone providing more screen than bezel, The largest bezels can be found at the top and bottom of the phone, but this is by far the most beautiful phone


If you thought Google Assistant and Siri weren’t enough, well here comes Bixby. This is Samsung’s version of what Google Assistant and Siri already do. The only difference is that it should work better than it’s competitors because it’s specially designed for the S8. Bixby is said to work hand in hand with a host of Samsung apps and allow you control your device by using your voice. For example, if your hands are full, you can tell Bixby to open an app for you and complete an action. This is something new that the two aforementioned services cannot do. Of course Bixby can also schedule appointments, make reminders and call people in your contacts, but having an assistant that can actually open apps and do things for you by talking to it, is pretty cool to say the least.


As far as tablets go, Samsung and co haven’t really stepped up their game to compete with the iPad. However, with Dex this could potentially change everything. Dex is a brand new docking station that allows S8 owners to simply place their device on the dock and connect it to an external display. From there you can use a mouse and keyboard and basically have a mini computer. And with 4 GB of RAM, it’s certainly enough to do some basic work. As of right now, not all the apps have been optimized to take advantage of bigger displays, but in due time there should a plethora of apps to choose from, thus making the Dex a convincing purchase.

Iris Scanner

The last feature that was introduced was the iris scanner. This adds another method of security to ensure your device is protected and can only be used by you. While the passcode is decent in security, hackers can still find a way inside, especially if it’s only numbers. In the case of fingerprints, that too can be bypassed if you can place a person’s finger on the sensor, say if they were sleeping? However with the iris scanner, it works differently because you cannot use a picture of the person. The iris scanner has been programmed to only work with a real human’s face and thus provides a more secure way to unlock your phone.

Other notable features

In addition to the already killer features, the S8 also packs Bluetooth 5.0 and is the first smartphone to include it. Bluetooth 5.0 increases the bandwidth by two, the range by four and the broadcast message capacity by eight. All this makes the 5.0 not only more efficient than 4.2, but also saves battery power, giving you more juice to power through the day. Storage wise, the S8 starts at 64 GB and goes to 128 GB, it also has a 12 MP camera, the same one from the S7, but don’t take any offense. The S7 is one of the best smartphone cameras in the market alongside the iPhone 7 Plus and Google Pixel.


All in all the Galaxy S8 is impressive. It packs all the specs you expect it to have, a stellar design, first class display, amazing camera, 4 GB of RAM, wireless charging, Bluetooth 5.0, Bixby, iris scanner and so much more. I mean what more could you ask for? I guess the only downside is the S8 will retail for $750 and the Plus for $850, but considering all the features you’re getting, it may be a good deal! And this may also be the phone that gets people to trust the company once more!

Image Source: Dot Com


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