YouTube Officially Announces TV Streaming Service


Yesterday YouTube officially announced its long anticipated TV streaming service. This comes at a interesting time when the Google-owned company launched YouTube Red last summer. This was a new paid service to get exclusive content from some of the site’s biggest YouTubers that normal users would not be able to watch. However, with the launch of a new TV streaming service, the company is certainly bound to attract a host of new customers who may have not been interested in YouTube Red and gain other cord cutters may be in search of a replacement.

The company didn’t state when exactly the service would be available, but instead stated that it will start at $35 per month and include YouTube Red which currently goes for $9.99 per month. For $35 you will have access to some of the most basic channels including NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX and ESPN. Such channels offer customers the channels they need the most, without paying for extras they don’t need or watch. In addition, each account can have up to 6 different accounts to personally cater to different people’s desire and allow them to watch only what they see fit, kind of like Netflix.

With this new service, YouTube hopes to gain customers who previously cut off cable contracts in favor of Netflix and Hulu. The key difference between the two aforementioned services though is that YouTube offers live tv which is something that Netflix and Hulu lack. That being said, it will be interesting to see how current companies react to compete with YouTube’s competitive offer.


As a current Netflix subscriber, I absolutely love the streaming service and find the $9.99 monthly premium with the ability to cancel at any time with no extra fees to be extremely convenient and worth it. The company has created some of TV’s best original content and has me wanting to watch more exclusive shows rather than what other companies offer. Of course live tv streaming has been a huge trend especially with services like Sling and Apple TV, but I think for me Netflix is more than enough. For the rest of America however, I think YouTube TV will be incredibly appealing. They won’t have access to previous seasons of shows or movies, but they will have access to the basic channels they want without breaking the bank. And I think that coupled with YouTube Red originals will be a huge selling point for the soon-to-be streaming service.

Image and Article Source: TechnoBuffalo



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