The Importance of Coding


As most of you guys probably already know, I’m currently a business student at Temple University majoring in Management Information Systems. However, I wasn’t always an MIS major. I came in as a freshmen pursuing a profession in Accounting. I took two classes in high school and as much as I hated it, I knew the salary would be nice and the job would be secure so I decided to stick with it. After taking two mandatory accounting classes and the intro class for my major, I eventually switched because of how poorly I was performing. Following that, I switched to International Business for my spring semester sophomore year and after taking the intro class for that, I realized that it was too broad of a major and I would need to double up. I decided to drop that and spend the rest of the summer asking upperclassmen and researching what I should do with my life. As a prospective junior, I needed to make my decision quick so I don’t waste any more time and money. Luckily, by the start of my junior year I made the switch to MIS and it has been the greatest decision of my college career.

You might wonder why I didn’t pursue MIS from the beginning, especially considering how much I love reading, watching and writing anything related to technology, but I guess there really isn’t a simple answer to that. All I knew coming to college was that I wanted to graduate in 4 years, get a solid job with good pay and benefits and eventually start my own family. I didn’t think about doing what I wanted to do. Instead, I thought about what the safest route would be. And although I was trying to be smart about my moves, I ended up doing more damage because I’ll be in school for another year which means more time and more money is being used. Had I pursued what I truly wanted to do, then this probably would not have happened. Still I’m glad I made the decisions that I made, and my mistakes that led up to it were well worth it because I learned a lot about life and that money isn’t everything.

Now in regards to my major, MIS is basically the bridge between understanding the concepts of business while applying coding and programming knowledge to connect with professionals and clients. It allows me to understand both sides of the business. Whereas Computer Science majors go more in-depth in terms of coding and programming, MIS combines the best of both worlds, business and coding in one major.

That being said, knowing how to code is an important and required part of MIS. Some the languages that MIS majors learn include, but are not limited to PHP, CSS, HTML, Python, mySQL, etc. Those are some of the basic languages we learn and get tested on. However, the more you learn and apply yourself, the better off you’ll be in the industry.

For me, I switched into MIS without having any prior coding experience. I basically had to teach myself Python, HTML and PHP. And while I’m far from being a pro (I’m actually only at a basic level), I found that coding involves spending a lot of time practicing and in many cases, teaching yourself. Of course there are various classes that can help teach you the language, but at the end of the day, teaching yourself to code is a skill that many employers will find to be an interesting part of who you are. In addition, the satisfaction in being able to code after having taught yourself for a X amount of years, is one of the greatest feelings ever.


I guess what I’m really trying to say is coding will continue to be a bigger part of the world as technology advances and more things become automated. The demand for such skills is off the charts and there are not enough people to fill positions. This means that finding a job in this area will be much easier moving forward. If there’s anything you can do in your spare time, one good thing to do is teaching yourself to code. Having one more skill that you’re good at will only improve your ability to do more things and finding jobs will be that much easier. By the way, cloud technology and virtual reality are both on the rise, so if you’re able to do something with that, you’re going to be an attractive candidate!

Image Source: Python


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