I Actually Got The Apple Watch


A few months ago I discussed my interest in the Apple Watch and the many unique features the Series 1 and 2 contained. That being said, the price was still a little too hight, and I decided that I would only consider buying one should the price go down. Fortunately, this past Christmas I was gifted the Apple Watch Series 1 Sport Edition. Over the course of the past two weeks, I have garnered a decent amount of comments regarding the wearable that I thought it would be fitting to share it with you guys. 

Build Quality

Considering the Series 1 is the lowest end and cheapest model, the build quality is actually a lot better than I expected. I own the 38 mm version in space gray and it feels solid on the wrist. To put it in better words, it feels luxurious. The glass on top is incredibly smooth and while it may not be the same sapphire glass that’s showcased on the Series 2, the glass on the Series 1 is definitely still high quality. Moving along, the band also has a nice soft touch feel to it. If you own a Fitbit Charge HR, you’ll pretty much be getting the same texture. It’s comfortable and durable. The digital crown to the right hand side of the watch is also an amazing touch. The movement speed is nice and smooth and works extremely well.  Yet again, Apple has exceeded by expectations in the build quality department and you will be satisfied for the money you pay.


I think overall the Series 1 is relatively fast. I do occasionally run into some hiccups and slowdowns, but those rarely happen. If anything, opening third party apps can sometimes take longer to open. In that case it’s easier to use your iPhone, but when you’re replying to a text or checking a quick notification, there’s no problem at all. And that goes to show the improvements Apple has made in this realm, especially because the first generation Apple Watch had numerous complaints about the speed and efficiency of normal day to day usage. The newer processor is probably one of the reasons why it’s performing better and that in turn has erased all of my original criticism.


Would I recommend this device? To be honest, I wouldn’t. It’s an awesome watch and it definitely is nice to have, but that’s all it is. It’s not necessary at all. It’s not groundbreaking in any way. It’s just an extra accessory to have and while it has been convenient to check notifications in class without having to pull out my phone, I really don’t need the watch. Now that being said, do I still enjoy having one? Of course I do. The Series 1 is a solid smartwatch and will be hard to beat, even among its Android Wear counterparts and for anyone who is in the market for a smartwatch, the Series 1 should be on your list.

Image Source: Target


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