iOS 10 Review (Nov 2016)!


Roughly two months ago I posted by initial reactions to iOS 10. I gave it relatively good remarks and ended by writing that I would make a follow-up post by the end of the following month. To my dismay, I was hit with numerous projects and school related assignments that I was unable to post my thoughts. However, I do have my thoughts on it now and I think waiting longer turned out to be for the better. I now really know the good and the bad about iOS 10 and what must be done to make it better.

As a disclaimer, I will say that I’m posting my review based on my experience from an iPhone 5s. This is my only iOS device so I could only test it out on this. However, this is also my daily driver so I definitely know what it’s like on a day to day basis.


I mentioned in my first post that the performance was shaky in the beginning, but progressively got better as the OS accommodated and got used to how I used my phone. Today, performance is shaky again. It’s noticeably slower than iOS 9. Apps seem to take longer to open, crash more frequently and freeze up way too often.

A perfect example is the ESPN app. I used it on iOS 9 with no hiccups or crashes. With iOS 10, my experience has gone down the drain. It freezes on a daily basis which usually results in it crashing. I’m not sure if it’s the developer’s problem or the OS, but since upgrading to iOS 10 certain apps have definitely been under performing.

In terms of using Apple’s apps like messaging. That has also been slower to launch, slower to register my key taps and slower to send messages in general. Everything is slower. I have shut down my phone. I have cleared data. And it is still slow. The new iMessage features are nice, but I’m afraid that may be part of the cause for the drastic slowdown. I have the messaging app in the background so it’s ready and faster to open when I need to use it, but it’s still slow and it definitely has had a negative impact on my iMessage experience.


For the most part, the notification center is probably the least of my problems. I actually think it’s more organized and visually pleasing than iOS 9. However, it still has it’s flaws. One major flaw is receiving the same notification twice. I use another messaging app called Kakao Talk, mainly for group messaging, and often times I end up receiving the same notification at the same time twice. Foe example, if I get a message that says, “hi”, I’ll receive that same message twice at exactly the same time. It’s annoying and something I never experienced before. Again, this may be the app’s problem, but I’m starting to see that maybe iOS 10 is harder for developers to accommodate and thus has resulted in far more bugs than usual. Other than that, the notification center is good. It’s not as pleasant and interactive like Android is, but it does it’s job.


When I first heard about the new lock screen widgets on iOS 10 I was surprised that after all those years Apple finally gave in. Then I tried using it on my 5s and it has been a disaster. The widgets are incredibly slow and are not nearly as interactive as Android. It almost seems like a half-baked idea. It’s just too limited. I think Apple tried to make it open like Android, but the company is still making barriers and making it harder for app developers to be creative.

In addition, I have talked to a number of my friends and family members and they have all complained how hard it is to unlock their phones. I can attest to that claim. It’s not that Touch ID is having an issue, rather iOS 10 now requires users to push the home button again and then it’ll register the fingerprint. It’s annoying and adds one more thing to unlocking your device.


This has been the most consistent thus far. I leave the house with 100% battery life at around 8 am and I end with 30% when I get back home around 6 pm. It’s not bad, but considering it’s a relatively small phone, I don’t have much to complain with battery.


If I could, i would gladly go back to iOS 9. It’s just iOS 10 offers features that are too resource intensive so my device struggles to keep up, which adds to the already slowdown in performance. I think iOS 10 is a good OS, but Apple has things that need to be addressed. If they can be fixed and be optimized to work well on older devices, then I think I can reconsider, but until then I find it hard to recommend iOS 10 on any device.


Image Source: i4u


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