Can Samsung Recover After Note 7?


By now, most of you guys probably know the whole deal with Samsung and why the company has been under scrutiny for the past couple weeks. If you don’t know, here’s the gist, Samsung’s latest flagship phone the Note 7 was reported to have batteries that overheated and caused the phone to melt, burn and even explode. This in turn  caused pubic outrage to which Samsung issued a temporary recall to mend the issue. Unfortunately, the second batch of Samsung’s newest phone also had the same problem, one of which exploded on a Southwest airplane where passengers were forced to evacuate prior to takeoff. From there, Samsung officially stopped all production on the Note 7 to begin a thorough investigation regarding the crisis. My issue is can I still trust Samsung?

Granted,  I haven’t owned a Samsung phone since the S4, but I’m still worried about future devices and if they will ever be safe to use. I know phones and tablets tend to get hot, especially when using cpu and gpu intensive apps, but even so I never felt a temperature so hot that I couldn’t touch the device I was holding. With the Note 7, it was obviously a completely different issue and one that has caused numerous injuries as well. I’m also currently using an iPhone 5s, and I was thinking about upgrading to the Galaxy S8 when it launches early next year, but now my mind has changed and I may choose something else. I have a lot of respect for Samsung, but it’s scary to know that phones are exploding.

The second thing to note is that Samsung is a huge, global company and generation billions of dollars. It’s a major part of South Korea’s economy so a recall for the company not only means a loss in profit, but also records a loss for South Korea. That being said, it is incredibly important that Samsung finds the flaws with the Note 7 and makes sure it doesn’t happen again for future devices.


I’m a huge fan of Samsung products. I think they create some of the world’s best and top notch devices. From their line up of TV’s to washing machines to refrigerators and to smartphones and tablets, all of them are built with the utmost care and quality. As big of an issue as the Note 7 was and still is, I think Samsung can still pick itself back up and continue to run as a globally recognized company. Although I had my doubts about them when the crisis initially arose, I believe that this one hiccup will be a great reminder for Samsung on the importance of consumer safety and can even push them beyond limits to make even greater and safer devices moving forward.



3 thoughts on “Can Samsung Recover After Note 7?

  1. Hey Dominik, thanks for your reply! I definitely agree with you and you make a valid point. I think any electrically powered product can be a safety hazard. In the case of Samsung it was obviously a battery issue, but hearing all of these reports come out definitely did raise some concern. Anyways, I checked out your blog and it looks great! Keep up the work man!


  2. Hey Dominik! Thanks for your reply and sorry for the lateness! I don’t know why I didn’t see this, but you make a fair point. Any phone or piece of tech can explode which is why there needs to be a thorough quality control process! Companies have to ensure that the battery and the device will work well together and that consumers can trust the brand. Luckily, I think the newer Galaxy S8 and Note 8 phones don’t have battery issues and are doing well! Also I’m a fan of your blog and hope you continue posting more things!


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