The Power of Kickstarter


Every time I think about the world we live, it always reminds me of how far technology has come and how so many companies are emerging because of the Internet. I think one classic example of that is Kickstarter. Kickstarter has literally “kick started” individuals to make their dreams come true and create a company that can offer consumers something new. 

Founded in April 2009 by Perry Chen, Yancey Strickler and Charles Adler in Brooklyn, NY the trio has helped create a crowdfunding website where people can post their ideas and receive donations to fund their products.

One company in particular that comes to mind is Pebble. Back in 2012, I remember reading headlines about a start-up company called Pebble that was trying to introduce a smartwatch to consumers. Luckily in 2012, the wearable industry was still at it’s infant stages so Pebble was able to receive more than $10 million between April and May 2012. That was a record for Kickstarter at the time and has led Pebble to become a huge success. Since then, the company has launched Pebble Steel as a higher end model and the Pebble Time for the lower end. With over $20 million and 75,000 backers, it is absolutely amazing that Pebble has come this far from a simple Kickstarter campaign.


These days, I hear about many more products being launched on Kickstarter and as a business student, it makes me proud to hear that because of three individuals who created a website, it has opened up many opportunities for personal, financial and economic growth. I think Kickstarter will continue to help the lives of many people and I envision and even greater future that is more innovative than now.



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