iOS 10 Reaction! 2 Days Later!


Just two days ago, Apple officially rolled out iOS 10 to a slew of the company’s devices. However, the release didn’t go as smoothly as planned as some devices were buggy and others were bricked. Luckily, Apple quickly resolved the issue by releasing a patch and it is now no longer a problem for us to consider. Since then, my phone has been running smoothly so here is my initial reaction , 2 days later!Over the summer, Apple announced the latest update to it’s devices ranging from the iPad, iPod Touch and most importantly the iPhone. With iOS 10, the Cupertino company promised to bring new and improved features that iOS 9 lacked or was not good at. Simply put, this was apparently a worth while update for everyone using an iOS device.

Needless to say, Apple also announced the list of devices that would be supported by the new OS. Having owned an iPhone 5s for the better part of 18 months, I wasn’t fully convinced to make the switch. I knew that I wanted to, but I also knew that updating a 3 year old device with a more cpu and gpu intensive OS could slow down the device and make it inconvenient. However, the core of me eventually gave in because I wanted to try something new and I accepted the risk of my phone becoming slower.

My Phone Got Bricked

The day I updated my phone, it got bricked. My phone became extremely hot and it switched from a rotating circle loading screen, to an all blue screen and eventually to the white Apple start up screen. After about 30 minutes or so, I decided to start a hard reset and update the phone again. Luckily, the second time it worked, but it wasn’t without it’s flaws. Upon the fresh update, I immediately noticed that it was extremely buggy. Everything felt slow. Typing was slow. Waking up the screen was slow. Opening apps was slow. Pulling down the notification was slow. I instantly regretted updating my phone.

One Day Later

After the whole debacle with my phone getting bricked and it being extremely slow, I turned off my phone and went to bed. The following day, everything was fine. The phone ran just as smoothly as iOS 9 and I didn’t have any hiccups or buggy issues. My guess is that the OS needed time to get used to the user and how they use their device. I think after that initial slowdown, everything will go back to normal for everyone.

Two Days Later, I Love It, But…

Today is now my second day using iOS 10 on my 5s. I absolutely love the update. It’s not anything huge or drastic, but all the little changes are welcome additions and ones that I came to appreciate. From the new lock screen or the improved notifications shade, everything in my opinion has gotten better without sacrificing the speed. To put things into perspective, it feels like I’m running iOS 9, but with better features. The reason I say “but…” was because I think the screen size is actually something I crave now. I remember a while back I expressed my love for the 5s and how it was the perfect device for one handed operation, but now things have changed. Why the sudden change in mind? I think iOS 10 would look and feel better on a bigger phone like the 7 or 7 Plus. I guess you could say that with any version of iOS, but something about 10 is amazing. It almost seems like it’s calling you to use it on a bigger phone. I guess when my contract is up in March, I may end up getting the 6 or 7 after all.

A Few Key Changes I Love

Lock Screen

In this update, Apple gave the lock screen a makeover. Accessing the camera is a lot easier, with just a swipe to the left. Pressing the home button once will allow you to swipe to the right and interact with various widgets such as weather, stocks and reminders. All of Apple’s stock apps are also updated to fit the new theme of iOS 10. One thing I did notice however, was that older apps like the My Verizon app have not yet been updated so it looks a little “off”. I would imagine a month or so before all apps undergo a widget theme change. Other than that, another press of the home button will take you to your home screen. Basically, the lock screen is a lot more intuitive and interactive. You can do a lot more on the lock screen before having to completely unlock the phone.

Notifications Shade

The notifications shade is better yet again. I still prefer Android’s style, but this update is a step in the right direction for Apple. It’s cleaner. It’s simpler. It’s more organized. It just makes a lot more sense. Widgets are to the left of the shade and notifications are to the right. They’re big and easy to see and easy to close, but you can’t really do anything inside of it, like on Android. If you go to the notifications shade, and you tap the message, it will take you to the messages app instead of being able to reply right then and there. If Apple can include a feature where you can interact with notifications while still in the shade, I think people will really like it and take full advantage of it.


Another favorite I love is iMessage. This is probably the single most popular used Apple app so it only made sense that the company would spend more time on it during it’s keynote to highlight the newest features. With iOS 10, you can send an iMessage with a special animation. Animations can reflect how you want the other person to feel and to add a little “oompf” to your message. You can send a message that “pop” or “slams” right in when you receive a message or add special things like a thumbs up with a long press of a message. Emoji’s can now also intelligently read your words and offer emoji replacements to simplify your texting. In addition to that, your iPhone is also capable of suggesting a person’s name based on information stored in your phone.

For example, I was recently working on a group project and I didn’t have a contact saved. However, when I sent a message, iMessage was able to determine the name of the person based on an earlier email that indicated his name and number. On the top of his text, it said “Maybe “person’s name” to suggest who it might be. Sure enough, iMessage got it right and it helped me figure out who was who without having to save their numbers. Features like that add a nice touch. They’re not necessarily something you wanted or thought of, but they’re welcome changes and ones that will be appreciated.


iOS 10 is the definition of keeping what works and adding useful features to make for an overall better experience. I haven’t tried out all the features, but I know that iOS 10 was a great update. For all you people that are hesitant to upgrade for various reasons, you might want to reconsider it now. I know that I had problems in the beginning, but after that initial hump, everything went smoothly and I am now enjoying the latest OS. I suspect in the next month, I’ll be posting  a final review of the OS and how it has held up over the course of September and into October. Until then, feel free to comment below! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Photo Credit: The Verge


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