TV Show’s I’m Watching


Of the many awesome shows that have been released for all of us to binge watch and enjoy, these three are my top favorite as of yet. Each are unique in its own rights and feature stories that are fun and engaging!

Silicon Valley


This show is absolutely perfect for all you tech geeks, nerds and wanna-be’s. As someone who reads and watches all-things tech related, this show was obviously on my summer watch list. With the likes of Thomas Middleditch and T.J. Miller and company, they embark on a journey to create a successful tech start-up called Pied Piper. While on that journey, they obviously face struggles from other people and try to figure out ways to come out on top. The numerous references to other companies and the jokes they make about them all make for an enjoyable and hilarious experience. The cast is also amazing and every one nails their respective roles. I’m finally on season 3 which just wrapped up this past summer and I can’t wait for HBO to release more in the future!



Sherlock is a BBC exclusive and is based on the classic Sherlock Holmes created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in 1887. The BBC iteration takes what was great about the original series and changes it up with a modern twist. The show is centered mainly on two men, Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as Doctor John Watson. The two men while different in some aspects, are actually really similar in the core and eventually go on numerous investigations that are sure to blow your mind. Everything from the script, the cinematography, the transitions and the plot is so well thought out that every episode leaves you mesmerized and in awe of what had just happened. I actually had to pause the show multiple times and think about what had just happened to understand that it actually did happen. It’s that crazy. Each season is comprised of 3 episodes that are 1.5 hours each. It started in 2012 with a new season released every two years. I just finished all three seasons over the summer and I’m dying to see the newest one slated to be released in 2017. If you’re into mysteries and brilliant case-solving tactics, this is the show to watch. Oh and Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are the definition of a dynamic duo. They’re perfect for their roles. And…Dr. Strange is coming soon so I’ll leave that there.

Sherlock is also available of Netflix with all three seasons!



Gotham is a Fox original series which unfolds the background of Bruce Wayne a.k.a Batman before he became The Dark Knight. While watching the show, you start to learn how the young Bruce Wayne grew up and the important people that are unveiled throughout his life. The movies do a relatively good job in showing Batman’s origin story, but for a more in-depth idea of what actually happened, Gotham is the way to go. I would go as far as to say it’s one of the best comic book shows that are still being aired to date. Starring Ben McKenzie as James Gordon and David Mazouz as Bruce Wayne, prepare yourselves for an awesome show you won’t regret watching!

Gotham is available on Netflix, but only season one!


All three of these shows are excellent choices and you can’t go wrong with watch watching any of them. They all feature quality actors and actresses that consume their respective roles and combined with creative and engaging story lines and script, they are unbelievable amazing! I highly recommend you watch them!

Photo Credit: The New Yorker, PBS, Den of Geek


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