Apple AirPods!


Apple’s newest headphones called the AirPods were just announced yesterday following Apple’s announcement of the new iPhones and the disappearance of the traditional headphone jack.To combat the issue of no longer having a headphone jack, Apple has not only included Lightning connected headphones with every iPhone, but the company and its team of engineers have made a brand new headphone that is completely wireless. At the press conference the company was vague in terms of how the new headphones would connect, but per today’s report, the headphones will connect via Bluetooth and will be compatible with iPhones, Android and Mac OS running Sierra.

In addition, Apple has created a new W1 chip that will control audio and wireless connections and can automatically determine whether they are in your ear or not. That’s a pretty neat feature to have and one that actually “wowed” me a little. In terms of battery life, Apple is suggesting about 5 hours of playback time per full charge. I’m not sure if that’s necessarily long enough, so I guess only time will tell if people listen to more than 5 hours worth of music a day.

The AirPods will retail for $159 and will launch in October of this year!


While the headphones contain new features that I have not heard of from any other company, the price is still high and I would suggest buying from other companies such as Audio Technica and Sennheiser. Both of these companies have decades of experience with the best team of engineers that caterto delivering the best sound quality you can get for the money. I obviously do not own the AirPods and I’m not saying Apple doesn’t have a talented team on board, but as far as audio equipment goes, I personally prefer to choose headphones from companies that have a history for mastering audio technology. That being said, I applaud Apple for launching a new set of headphones and giving it’s consumers and hardcore fans a headphone to choose from.

Source: TechnoBuffalo



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