The Best & Worst Customer Service


Over the summer I encountered two perfect examples of great and horrible customer service. One of the best ones came from the likes of Fitbit and the worst from Riot Games. I’ll explain in detail why such companies did a good or bad job and what other companies can do to improve the overall experience.

The Good

As I mentioned in my previous post about the Charge HR Review, my tracker eventually became completely unusable when a few air pockets formed and grew so big that it broke off the screen. The good part was that I was still under warranty. I quickly went over to the Fitbit website and was able to find the customer service email. I then briefly wrote my situation and sent it. One day later I was given a reply and after exchanging basic information such as how long I’ve used it and where it was purchased, the customer service associate was able to ship a replacement device free of charge all within 3 days. One week later I received a brand new device and have since been pleased with Fitbit’s quick and efficient customer service.

The Ugly

On the flip side I ordered a figurine from the Riot Games official website. However, upon receiving the product, the box was completely crushed. Furthermore, the packaging was also crushed and to my dismay so was the figurine. Some parts were permanently bent and unfixable. I was extremely disappointed for the lack of care for the product as there were no packaging peanuts or bubble wrap present to protect the safety of it. I then decided to contact customer support, but that in and of itself became the first issue. Finding the customer service number or email was rather difficult and when I finally found it, it was hidden away and not user friendly. All that aside, I politely explained the situation at hand, requested a refund and sent the email. A few days later I received a reply stating that they would be transferring me to a different team that handled online order. A few days after that, I got another reply stating that they would be sending me a return shipping label. A day after that I received the label, printed it out and sent it away. About a week later I was notified that the package was returned to the warehouse and signed for proof of delivery. I then emailed customer service again and asked what the status of my refund was. I didn’t receive a reply for a few more days. Then I got a reply stating that the warehouse was having some problems and that the refund would be delayed. A few days after that, I contacted them again and was told that they would finally be refunding me my money. All in all, this was the worst customer service experience I had ever gone through. It was too hard to find customer support. It took too long to resolve the issue. And it required me to constantly check up on the status and consistently ask to make sure everything was okay. As a huge global company, they should be making sure the customer is at ease and taken care of, but to my disappointment, that was not the case. Had I not been persistent on emailing the customer support team, I may not have ever received my refund, not to mention that all of this took one month to resolve.


The key lesson to be learned here is having an excellent, well-trained customer service team is an essential component to every business. It’s also a matter of prioritizing what it important in the company’s culture. I believe that in every company, customer service should be one of the top, if not number one priorities. That means making sure the process is as easy and hassle-free as possible, making sure that customers are clearly explained the situation, keeping customers up to date on the status and resolving the issue in a timely manner. All of this are basic parts to excellent customer service. If any of these parts are absent, it can cause distress and utter disappointment among consumers. Customers will only be as loyal to the company as the company is to them, and poor customer service is the best way to make sure your customer base dwindles down. I hope businesses will be able to read this and learn what they can do better to make sure they too have a top notch customer support team and make its customers happy.


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