Are Taxis and Buses over?


With the emergence of successful ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft, is the traditional method of  transportation via taxi and buses obsolete? Taxis and buses have been around for a long time and became a smart way to do business. They give rides for people and charge a premium for that. It’s simple and easy. But Uber and Lyft made the enhanced that process and made it easier. Here I’ll explain why I think they became successful.

When Uber and Lyft first launched in 2009 and 2012 respectively, it was brand new and something people were unfamiliar with. Suddenly, a new mode of transportation was added to an already crowded market and investors and consumers weren’t completely sold on the idea. Luckily, Uber and Lyft strived to differentiate themselves and make it a key reason to choose them over it’s rivals.


Uber and Lyft are much cheaper than its rivals when going shorter distances. This made it perfect for the average person as most people only request an Uber or Lyft when traveling less than 10 miles. Both services also function by charging a base fare depending on the size of the vehicle and then a per mile fare to calculate total costs


Unlike taxis and buses, Uber and Lyft use apps that are specially designed to offer the consumer a clean and easy-to-use design that will allow them to request a ride without a hassle. They can also request a ride from any given location. This is a drastic difference from taxis and buses where you cannot be picked up anywhere you are and instead msut travel to a designated pick-up location.


People prefer services that are cheap and convenient. Whether they originally wanted a specific service or not can be up in the air, but as Uber and Lyft dominated the market it became clear that in many regards, cheap and convenient factors can rapidly grow a business. As someone who has tried both ride-sharing services, I was extremely pleased with all of my trips. The drivers came on time as the app suggested and drove me to my destination while engaging in a fun conversation. I realized that this was why people chose Uber and Lyft over other methods.It’s excels in every aspect and provides a better experience overall. So will taxis and buses eventually go out of business? I suspect within the next four years most taxi business will be gone or they will have changed their methods, but buses will probably still exist as they are cheaper when going on long distances.




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