Why I Decided To Stick With The iPhone

A few months ago I made a blog post about my decision to go back to Android as my daily driver. Around that same time I also made a statement explaining why I was switching from Windows to Mac. However, after weighing out my options and the practicality of them, I decided to stick with the iPhone.

As a hardcore Google user I depend on many of it’s services and products to complete various tasks. Whether it’s using Gmail to send emails to people or Drive to store all my school work or even Photos to keep all my pictures in the cloud, I use Google products on a daily basis. That being said, it only made sense for me to go back to Android especially since I was previously an Android user.

Simply put, Google products work better and more efficiently on Android devices than iOS. That’s not to say the iOS counterparts are bad by any means, rather they aren’t quite as fully featured as the Android versions. Because of that, I felt more inclined to go back to Android as my daily driver.

For a while I was happy with that idea and I knew it was what I wanted. But then I thought about my decision to switch from Windows to Mac. I knew how much I hated Windows 10 and the direction Microsoft was going. I also knew that I wanted to try something new and that Apple would deliver a solid experience with the Mac. Because of that, it made me rethink my decision to switch to Android. Of course I could still switch and I’d have the best of both worlds, a completely Google phone with the ease of use of a Mac, but I wouldn’t really be getting the full experience. I remember talking to a few of my friends and they said as much as they recognize Android as a great OS that offers top notch phones, they still prefer the iPhone over anything else because when it’s paired with a Mac, everything become easier and convenient. And that’s probably one of the biggest advantages that Apple has right now. They have a beautiful computer lineup and an amazing phone/tablet lineup that work extremely well together. The Cupertino company has created an ecosystem that keeps on improving over the last generation and gives consumers a reason to stay within that ecosystem.

And I think it’s because of that very reason that I decided to stick with the iPhone. Of course I’ll miss Android and I still do every once in a while, but I also know that I want a rich, full experience where my phone and computer can work together and right now, Apple is the only company that’s able to do that right.


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