Happy 9th Birthday iPhone!

Steve Jobs Unveils Apple iPhone At MacWorld Expo

Exactly 9 years ago today, the first Apple iPhone was born. It changed the world’s perception of what a phone is and the kinds of things it could do. It made people realize that if they could do more things at the palm of their hands it could make life simpler, easier, convenient whatever they wanted to call it. And so while there were other phones like BlackBerry that made emailing on-the-go easier and faster, I think Apple was the first company to kick start what we now call, smartphones and change the way we use our phone forever.


The first iPhone was announced on June 29th, 2007. People everywhere were talking about it. Up until then, Apple was known for the iPod and Mac. That’s it. They made listening to and downloading music a breeze and gave new life to computers aside from Microsoft. But now with the iPhone, it combined what people loved about the iPod and gave users the ability to talk, message, surf the web and best of all, download applications or “apps”. It was a huge risk and it could have easily flopped, but Apple was able to power forward and make sure it would work. Now, I’m not sure if Apple knew what this device would bring to the table, but it certainly is a big reason why we have the devices we have today. Of course the iPhone isn’t perfect and one of the main problems initially was the price, but as it matured and Apple learned more about it’s consumers, the Cupertino company was able to develop a phone so powerful that we could do so many more things in an efficient manner without breaking the bank.

Wrap -Up

Today, Apple has become the 8th most valuable company by market value at approximately $586 billion dollars and continues to make strides towards success. While in the early stages of the company, it was known for the Mac and then eventually the iPod, today Apple makes most of their money from iPhones. In that sense, it’s clear how much of an impact the iPhone has made not only to the tech industry, but also within the company itself. They have been able to create a device so successful that it makes more money than their Macs, iPods and iPads combined.  That is absolutely amazing and I have nothing but respect for Apple. Love it or hate it, Apple has changed our lives in ways we might not even realize because it’s the norm and we’re so used to it.

So thank you Apple. Thank you to all the engineers. Thank you to all the developers. And thank you to everyone who is a part of the company . You have made a significant difference in my life and for that I’m always grateful. Here’s to another great year for Apple! Happy 9th Birthday iPhone!



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