The Best Tech YouTubers!


If you couldn’t already tell by the topic of this blog, I’m a huge tech geek. I love reading about tech. I love buying tech. And I love seeing all the new and crazy ideas that people are coming up with. Most of all though, I enjoy watching tech videos. Those videos keep me in the loop of what’s been going on in the tech industry as well as putting up the latest reviews for all sorts of gadgets. They’re a huge part of why I love tech as much as I do. So here is a list of my personal favorite tech YouTubers!

#1 Marques Brownlee a.k.a MKBHD

I’ve been following this guy for about 6 years now. And for those past 6 years I’ve enjoyed every single video since then. Seeing him grow and mature over those years has also been quite the journey and there’s been nothing but positive remarks to say about him. It’s absolutely inspirational to see a guy care so much about something, so much so that he made it his full-time career. Every video he drops is beautifully crafted. You can tell he put a lot time and effort into making sure it was perfect, not only for his eyes and ears but for the audience as well. You see, the thing about him is he can connect with two scopes of the spectrum. He connect with the nerdy tech geeks like myself, but also the less nerdy and more so the average consumer. He does this by explaining things in detail and dumbing it down for everyone to understand. And I think that’s a huge reason why he’s successful. Yes, it’s his passion and that’s obviously important to note, but it’s also because he can cater to more than just the geeks out there. I have a lot of respect for Marques and everything he has done for the community and for me. So please, whenever you have the time, check out his videos, you’ll be stunned.

YouTube Channel: MKBHD

#2 Lewis “Lew” Hilstenger a.ka. Unbox Therapy


Lew is another one of my favorites. I’ve been watching his videos for the past 5 years or so. Believe it or not, I actually came across his channel because I was looking for unboxing videos and at the time, a lot of the videos were really short and/or carelessly recorded. Part of the joy of buying tech or anything for that matter, is opening the item itself. It may seem weird, but I get super excited opening packages. A lot of happiness builds up even though I know what I’m getting. However, what I don’t know is the way the company may present the opening experience and it’s that very experience that I love. So basically one day I came across Unbox Therapy and I clicked on a video to watch. It was right then and there that I knew that this was my go-to channel if I ever wanted to see something unboxed. He doesn’t just show you the side view or the top view. He gives you angles from everywhere and it makes you sort of feel like you’re the one opening it. He makes you feel like you’re right there with him and sharing the experience together and that’s something I never felt from any other unboxing video.  So seriously, if you ever just want to kick back and watch an unboxing video, go straight to the source!

YouTube Channel: Unbox Therapy

#3 TLD Today a.k.a Jonathan Morrison


Last, but certainly not least is TLD Today. This guy is unlike the other two because Jonathan has a sweet spot in my heart. I’ve been following this guy since he basically started YouTube and so for me, I’ve really seen how much he has changed and grown over the years. Just like I’ve seen Marques and Lew evolve and progress, I’ve seen Jonathan mature as well but it’s much more different because I’ve followed him since he started. The thing with this guy is that he too is able deliver videos that are different from mainstream sites like CNET. You can tell that he cares about his viewers and what they see and that he would only say what he truly believes. Watching Jonathan’s videos are always a pleasure and I know that moving forward, they will only get better.

YouTube Channel: TLD Today

So What Do All Three of These Guys Have In Common?

  1. Concise
    • All of their videos are short and straight to the point. They don’t mess around and waste time. They are efficent with their time which makes for an effective way to showcase what you’re trying to tell your audience. If a video is long, it’s because there’s a lot to talk about or explain and can only be shortened to a minimum. If a video is short, it’s because they didn’t want to drag it on and lose their audience’s attention. Regardless, all three guys are able to shoot a perfectly recorded video and basically tell a story.
  2. Genuine
    • If there’s any reason why I don’t watch CNET or Engadget, it’s because they seem so unrealistic and forced. Those are much bigger companies with deadlines that must be met and so for many of the reviews they put out, they aren’t really genuine. They don’t spend enough time with them to know the device and all of it’s flaws that may come with it. With Marques and Jonathan (not really Lew because he doesn’t do reviews), you can tell they took their time and made sure they got to know the device. And to do so, they make it their daily driver. They make it a point that if it’s a phone for example, they’ll use it for a while and get to know what it’s like using it as their daily driver. That gives me the peace of mind that the reviews I am watching are coming from people who know first-hand if the product is worth buying.
  3. Team Crispy
    • This is more of a personal thing, but all three of these guys shoot in 4k. And even though I don’t have a 4k monitor, I only have a 1080P, their videos are gorgeous. There’s just no question about it. The equipment you have is only as good as the user who uses them. And these guys for sure know how to use their equipment correctly. Every video I watch is pleasing and there have been many times I’ll rewatch a video just because it was so masterfully filmed and edited. They call themselves “Team Crispy” and for the right reasons.


In the end, the types of YouTubers you choose to watch it all up to you. It’s your decision to make, but this list is special to me because each and every single YouTuber I mentioned has influenced me to stick to my dreams and passions and do what I love, and that is to write about tech. Seeing all three of these YouTubers work countless hours and finally be able to make it their full-time job is inspirational and is exactly what motivates me to never stop trying. I have nothing but respect for these guys and I owe a lot to them for why I want to pursue my passion.


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