Can I Please Buy A Tesla?


Chances are, you’ve heard of Tesla or Elon Musk or any combination of the two. If you haven’t…well, I guess I should say that they are starting to become more and more relevant over the years. Tesla is the name of an American car company founded by Elon Musk. They are the ones to really kick start and get people interested into all-electric luxury cars and will also eventually unveil a more budget friendly version to expand their customer base. While many people in the luxury market are looking at Mercedes and BMW, I’ve set my eyes on Tesla and I’ll tell you why.


It’s a fact and there’s no arguing that global warming is not a phenomenon. It’s happening and it’s real. And if we are to ever do anything to help the environment, one great way would be drive an all-electric car. Sure, hybrids help and so does public transpo, but they still rely on gas to operate. Tesla runs purely on battery power and doesn’t need a drop of oil to function. This car will get you from point A to point B all while releasing zero emissions!

No More Paying For Gas

Part of the perks of owning a Tesla is never having to pay gas. Since this car functions via a battery, you never have to worry about refilling your tank. And so the next question might be, well how will you recharge the battery? Luckily, the Palo Alto company has got you covered with multiple charging stations in many locations and for free. Yes, for free. Although the CEO Elon Musk has admitted that eventually they will have to charge a fee to juice up your car, as of right now it’s still free and once there is a price associated with it, it’ll still most likely not be as pricey as gas.

Sleek Design

For a while many electric cars and hybrids didn’t exactly have a good design. While they had excellent fuel economy like the Toyota Prius (58 mpg city), they weren’t all that appealing. And if design was your main concern, you’d most likely pass the offer. With Tesla though, you’re getting the complete package. You have an all-electric car with a beautiful and modern trim. It isn’t too flashy or pretentious either. It just looks good and that’s what I love about it.


I love Tesla and it’s my dream car. I want to help make this environment cleaner and buying this car is one step in the right direction. I’m also excited to see where the company will be even 5 years from now and if others will see that making an electric car will be far better than gas. If that happens it’ll be amazing, but regardless I have my eyes set on Tesla and I can’t wait until I save enough to buy the Model X!


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