India’s KFC Includes A Charger?


Major fast food chicken joint, KFC is now supplying their restaurants in India with chargers when you order from them. The company is calling it “Watt-A-Box” and is only available in India for a limited time.

I found this to be rather interesting because this just goes to show how much we use our phones. We use it when eating, commuting, waiting in line and God forbid, in social situations like a restaurant. Apparently, KFC has taken note of that and decided it was a smart idea to include a charger built-in into their boxes. It’s an awesome idea and it will certainly draw many people to chain, but I’m not sure if the price will be worth it and if the external battery is even made by a quality company. I know I know. I’m getting nerdy with all the tech, but I’ve had bad experience with no-name chargers that have ended up ruining the overall battery life of my phone permanently when all I wanted was a simple charge. Anyways, I’m getting ahead of myself, but this is certainly really cool that KFC is doing this. Maybe if it does well in India, they’ll bring it over to the States? Who knows?

Source: Stuff


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