Should Apple Remove The Headphone Port?


After many months of constantly hearing rumors, I decided it was time to finally voice my opinion on Apple’s decision to possibly remove the headphone port. For many years now, this was how people listened to things on their devices. It was simple and easy. And for Apple to remove that key feature, it would change the way people listened to things. So with that, I went ahead and listed some pros and cons of removing the port and ultimately, let you guys know how I feel about it.


Thinner Body

Whether you agree with me or not, the headphone port is really not that small. It takes a good portion of a device’s body in terms of how thin manufacturers can make them. By removing the headphone port, it allows engineers to make a slightly thinner and sleeker body. Personally, I’m not that hype about thin phones. First, because it makes it harder to grip (unless you have a case, but I hate cases) and second because there’s a smaller battery. I guess this is really all on personal preference, but I would choose a thicker phone that’s easier to hold and has better battery life than a thin phone any day of the week.



When Apple first introduced the Lightning cable with the iPhone 5, news broke out and people were going nuts. A lot of these people owned 30-pin exclusive speaker systems and accessories and with the change in port, it made it harder for customers to continue using their devices. Of course Apple also announced an adapter, but it was outrageously priced and so people slowly ditched their accessories and bought new Lightning compatible replacements. I feel as though the same thing may happen here. Apple will announce an adapter to most likely plug in the Lightning port and play music through a headphone that way. Although that works, it’s annoying to have one more adapter and have to pay a premium for that, just to play some audio.


I currently own a Fitbit and that requires Bluetooth connectivity to sync data over to the app. If Apple were to remove the headphone port and I chose to use a Bluetooth headphone instead of an Lightning adapter, then all of a sudden I have to choose which one I want to use more. I can either use the Fibit or my headphone, but not both.

Charging & Listening

This one by far is the most important of them all. A lot of times, my phone will be charging, but I’m still watching a video while listening with my headphones. What is Apple going to do when I need to charge and listen but I don’t have a Bluetooth headphone? I obviously can’t charge and listen with my headphone at the same time because to do so, it would require me to use the Lightning port. So unless Apple creates more than one Lightning port (which I highly doubt) we may no longer be able to charge our phones and listen to something at the same time.


I’m really against Apple’s decision to go this route. While in the past many companies have copied the Cupertino company for features like Siri and Touch ID, I’m not so sure if companies will want to follow suit with this change. It’s simply too drastic of a change and it could backfire and severely impact the company’s overall sales. As always, I think risks are necessary for growth but this one is just a little too risky. I think everyone will definitely keep a closer eye and see what happens if it’s announced. If is works and people opt to choose wireless headphones and accept the no headphone port then maybe others will follow through, but I’m honestly really against it. I just hope whatever happens, Apple has a good plan up it’s sleeve.

Photo Credit: MKBHD




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