Original Macbook Pro Comes To An End


Believe it or not, this year could be the last time we’ll ever see the 2012 13-inch Macbook Pro. The company has finally begun cutting shipments and we’ll soon see that impact across our local Apple stores. For those that might not know, the 2012 model was the last one to come equipped with an optical disc drive. Although at the time many people still used such drives, Apple decided that it was time to move on from that and get used to the digital age. Since then, the Cupertino company has introduced Retina Display, which increased the resolution and made for a more crisp and enjoyable user experience, especially when watching HD movies. In addition, Apple was also able to make them thinner, lighter and faster than any Macbook Pro before. This made the notebook highly attractive as the weight was finally manageable at just under 4 lbs (3.48 lbs to be exact) and became the ultimate portable machine that could actually do substantial work besides browsing the web (ex. Macbook Air).


In my 2014 custom built PC, I actually purposely opted to include a drive. First of all, it would only be $20 more and secondly, I still own a lot of DVD’s and CD’s so it would be really convenient for me to have one. But the real question is, will I still want or need a drive in the future? At this point probably not. For one, I have a Blu-Ray player that can still play DVD’s and CD’s and secondly, after my PC becomes unbearably slow, I’ll be switching to an iMac and officially ditching Windows. So I guess I won’t really have a choice because none of Apple’s computers included a drive since 2012. I also noticed that although, at the time I thought having a drive would be great (and it certainly is), I found myself not using it as often as I thought. If anything I stream my movies/shows or pop a disc in my Blu-Ray and watch it in the living room. But anyways, as Apple slowly discontinues shipments, this will be huge as Apple will now fully be turning to all digital option.

Source: Apple Insider


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