Mark Zuckerberg Covered His Webcam?



In a recent photo that went public, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was pictured having a photo of him taken while inside a giant Instagram post (which is also owned by Facebook). Interestingly enough though, people went beyond that and noticed that the laptop on his desk also had a little something extra.


When zoomed in, you can clearly see that the webcam has been taped up. This led me to question if Mark Zuckerberg is paranoid and thinks that someone will hack his computer or if he simply doesn’t trust today’s cyber security and wants to protect himself?


Honestly, no one really knows, but it’s important to note that when big tech CEO’s such as Zuckerberg himself does something like this, it’s a good sign that no one is truly safe from anything, and not just tech related. By covering up his webcam or supposedly his webcam, he or whoever owns that MacBook is admitting that covering it up is the best solution. Even amidst all the milestones we’ve come across, hackers can and will find ways to bypass it. That being said, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get hacked, but it does mean you should be careful about what you do on the web. Perhaps, covering up that webcam could prevent a creepy person from stalking you and prevent anything horrible that could happen.

Source: Gizmodo


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