Why I’m Going Back To Android!


I got my first smartphone in 2013. It was a Samsung Galaxy S4. It seems ancient now, but back then it was one of the top flagship smartphones to own. It had a Snapdragon 600 processor, 1080p Full HD display and a 13MP camera all while running Android Jellybean and then eventually KitKat. It was fast and everything worked well. Then a year later it became problematic. My phone turned off by itself, the screen would freeze and it lagged like crazy. The phone was almost unusable. A year later, Sprint was offering to pay for early termination fees and so it was the perfect opportunity for me to switch over from Verizon and buy an iPhone 5s. To this day I still own one and it works well, but I’m tempted to go back to Android. Here, I’ll explain my top three reasons why!

#1 Google

I’m a Googler. Fanboy. Geek. Nerd. Whatever you want to call me. The point is I use Google and its related services on a daily basis. Google plays a huge role in my life and I need it for everything I do. When I’m doing research, I use Google. When I want to watch a video I go to YouTube. Email? Gmail. Write an essay? Docs. Online storage? Drive. Directions? Maps. Everything I do in some way, shape or form relies on a Google service. And as someone who also uses an iPhone, the Google apps made for iOS are simply not cutting it. Although they have gotten better over time, they are not comparable to its Android counterparts. I’ve even replaced many stock iOS apps with Google ones and something still doesn’t feel right and that’s largely in part because it’s running on iOS. Google apps simply work better on Android and as someone who uses Google daily, I want a clean and pleasant user experience, and that’s not to say that iOS sucks, but it’s certainly not nearly as good as Android devices when it comes to Google apps.

#2 Google Now

I guess this is still sort of under the first topic, but I miss Google Now and how convenient it was when I had my Galaxy S4. Sure, Apple has it too but it’s not as good. It’s still a little sluggish and the feel of the overall app is lacking. I love Google Now and I used it for everything. To search stuff, track orders, check the latest sports scores and read the news, but the iOS version isn’t as enjoyable. Maybe it’s because I’m using a 5s which has a smaller screen? Either way, Google Now is a must for me and I miss it a lot. I miss using it on an Android device.

#3 Android N

The main reason I opted to choose the iPhone 5s over a different Android phone was because I felt that Android itself was still inferior to Apple, especially in terms of offering a consistent experience that worked well all the time. Two years later, Android has matured and has become an excellent operating system. It got rid of unnecessary things and added practical features that would make devices not only faster, but also user friendly. Features like doze which extend battery life are always a plus and I give Google props for things like that. I also always thought that for the average consumer Android was too complicated, but now everything is simpler and I love it. As a tech enthusiast, I prefer simple over complicated any day of the week. I don’t care what cool and new things a company adds, if the device is too hard to use I don’t want it. And finally, Google is issuing updates at a faster rate than before and are actually nudging companies like Samsung and LG to do so. One of Android’s biggest problem is fragmentation and how most people are not using the most up-to-date OS mainly because the manufacturer never released it or abandoned their phone. Now it seems that those days will be gone soon and the majority will have the latest iteration like Apple.


In the last post, I discussed how iOS 10 was a great upgrade and I still stand by that. Unfortunately, Google made apps for iOS are still lacking in many ways. As a Googler, I need my apps to run well and I want to have the fastest and best experience I can get. And right now the only way to get a purely Google experience is to own an Android powered device. Simply put, Google apps are made for Android devices. There’s no question about that. So as I’ve said my farewell to Microsoft with the PC, here is my farewell to Apple. I truly love the iPhone, but I simply cannot use it anymore. I love Google too much and I use it too much to be using an iPhone. Thank you Apple for providing a great user experience, but after a year when my contract is over, I will be going back to Android!


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