Apple WWDC 2016! Top 3 Favorites!


As scheduled, every year Apple hosts the Worldwide Developers Conference where they discuss their future plans and what is new to come. This year, Apple announced a list of noteworthy things that are sure to bring change. Whether they are for the better or for the worse that is for the world to decide, but for now here are my top 3 favorite things that were announced!

#1 iOS 10

With the latest iteration of iOS, Apple opted to keep the same design language and instead add new features to it’s existing os. Changes found in the lock screen and notification center were by far the most appealing to me. As iOS 9 was starting to feel stale, the new lock screen is certainly a welcome change. First and foremost, the wallpaper no longer fades in the background when a new notification arrives. Instead, the notification sits on top of the background with a nice rectangle around it. Apple also changed up the notification center. Gone are the “Today” and “Notifications” columns, and in come one unified and organized place where all of your notifications will stay and can easily be dismissed with a tap. It’s crazy that it took Apple this long to realize that having one unified place is easier on the eye and more space efficient, but I’m happy it’s finally changing! Next, Apple moved the camera shortcut from the bottom of the screen to the right. Now instead of swiping up to access the camera, you swipe to the left and according to Apple should be a faster way to take a picture or record a video.

#2 Siri

Apple finally opened up Siri for third party developers to take advantage of. This is huge for Siri, Apple and the world. By opening up access to Siri, it will allow people to create apps that are more intuitive. It will also give people another reason to start using Siri. I myself actually don’t use Siri. In fact, Siri has been turned off since day 1 of owning my iPhone. Why? Well because it’s still faster for me to search things myself or call people, rather than to ask Siri to do it for me. It still messes up things I say even when I speak loudly and slowly. And second, because it still seems socially awkward to be talking to a phone like it’s a person. Maybe, I’m the odd one out? I don’t know. What I do know that is that this year or next year could be the year I start using Siri on a weekly basis. I think if app developers can find a way to implement the technology in their apps and prove that it’s faster and efficient than before, I will gladly try it out.

#3 macOS

As a loyal PC user I never really cared for Macs. I  thought they always looked nice and functioned well, but I never found a desire to go out and buy one. I was comfortable with my PC and that was enough. However, when Apple announced macOS, I can honestly say I have never been more intrigued about Macs than ever before. For starters, the name change is huge. It’s a clear sign of a new direction. A new generation. A fresh start. And I love it. I love where Apple is going with their computer lineup. I never thought I would say this, but I’m sold. I am willing to ditch the PC and go for a Mac. Thank you Microsoft for everything, but after Windows 7, the OS has really gone down the drain and Apple has proven to me why I should ditch you.


This years WWDC was by far my favorite. There weren’t any mind blowing announcements that would make headlines, but there were enough changes and tweaks that it gave me the reassurance I needed to stay interested in Apple. If I were to sum up this years conference with one word it would be “progression”. As basic of a word as it may sound, in every section Apple discussed it showed how the company would progress in the future. It gave me confidence in knowing that the company would not be obsolete. The minor changes they announced weren’t huge, but enough of a change to show that Apple is working on something big and for that I applaud Apple. Whereas many companies will try to issue something completely brand new just to please the customer, often times they fail because they were rushed. What I love about Apple is they take their time with everything. Sometimes, I wish they had it earlier, but once it arrives everything just works well. It’s just so seamless and wonderful and makes me happy that Apple waited before announcing it. It shows how dedicated the company is to it’s customers. So here’s to a great rest of 2016 and I can’t wait until Apple announces more things!


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