iPhone SE? My Thoughts, 3 Months Later


Roughly 3 months ago, Apple released the iPhone SE for everyone to buy. For tech enthusiasts like myself, it was pretty much forgettable. There wasn’t really anything new about it. It had the body of a 2-3 year old iPhone 5/5S and the internal specs of an iPhone 6, minus a downgrade in the front facing camera and improved Touch ID sensor. It was certainly a good, usable phone, but it wasn’t necessarily groundbreaking.

I think when I first heard the news that Apple was launching an iPhone SE, I was kind of taken aback. I didn’t quite know who this phone would be for. So many consumers are already accustomed to larger phones and the fact that it still had the same body as the iPhone 5/5S made me wonder why they didn’t at least go for a different design. Yeah, I think the Rose Gold is nice, but people are getting used to that color as well. It’s just no longer considered, “the newest color”.

I think for most consumers, they’ll look at the phone and although it is a good phone, they’ll pass it up and buy the iPhone 6 or 6S instead. Why? Well probably because from a design standpoint, it’s already outdated even though the internals are relatively new. Second, the screen might be too small for what they’re used to using and seeing and so buying a 4 inch phone isn’t practical for them.

After some careful consideration though, I can see why Apple launched this phone. It was basically their second attempt at the failed iPhone 5C, but slightly better in many ways. Yes, the design isn’t as flashy as it once was, but the phone is still brilliantly fast and everything works seamlessly well together, as opposed to the 5C which was noticeably slow out of the box. It’s a great phone to get people who have never owned a smartphone, but want one at an affordable price without sacrificing design or performance. I myself actually like this phone a lot and am still considering upgrading to it when my current iPhone 5S contract is over.


The iPhone SE is a solid phone. It’s not a flagship phone by any means. It’s not gonna turn people’s heads and make a crap ton of money, but what it will do is allow people to get into Apple’s ecosystem at a cheaper price and still have an enjoyable experience. And I think that’s what Apple wanted to do. That was their goal. They didn’t make this phone to have the number one best seller or to “wow” the world. They just wanted a simple and easy to use phone that more people could afford. And for that I give Apple props. Of course it would have been nice to see a change in design, but that too would increase the price and so it only made sense for the company to keep it the same. Overall, I like the SE a lot. I really do. Maybe I’m the odd one out, but as a tech enthusiast I’ve slowly grown attracted to smaller phones that still perform well and the SE is no doubt, one of the best among them.


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